The Black Sphere Alliance, a Donor Advised Fund sponsored by a public
charity, is the philanthropic arm of The Black Sphere. Established in 2017 with
the goal of fundraising for partnership programs, projects, initiatives, and
activities that are positively impacting the lives of people within our communities

The Black Sphere Alliance charitable and philanthropic focus is to promote the welfare of communities through qualified grants to organizations and charities that makes the greatest possible difference in the lives of others.


Through strategic partnerships that identify and create opportunities and relationships with lasting long-term benefits and community support.

Strengthening young minds and bodies with early childhood initiatives, afterschool programs, arts, technology; and youth sports and recreation programs.



Discover and develop further knowledge that can be used to increase social awareness and effectiveness of available programs, projects, activities, and initiatives.

Dynamic outreach through strategic partnerships that help build and sustain a foundation of active participants in the fabric of their community and beyond.



Opportunities for career skills training and education through qualified partners that can lead to sustainable pathways.


To request The Black Sphere Alliance, consider your program, project, initiative or activity for grant recommendation, please email us at submission@tbsalliance.org with details and your contact information.