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An APPLICATION should have:

  • Clear and concise program description
  • Define goals
  • Detail who will benefit and how
  • Specifies and details use of funds
  • Past performance and current activities documents
  • Complete and accurate contact information
  • Complete and current financial recordsĀ 

A PROGRAM should:

  • Fit the mission, vision, and values of The Black Sphere Alliance
  • Have long term benefit for a large number of people
  • Be different from, or better than, similar programs
  • Truly make a significant difference
  • Have attainable and measurable goals
  • Be a discrete project with all costs specifically identified
  • Can track success through follow-up reporting
  • Breaks a negative cycle or changes unproductive behavior
  • Provide services for free or at a minimal cost
  • Provides opportunity for recipients to give back to the program